What is Uniting Investors?

Uniting Investors is an online community brought together by the alliance of The National Real Estate Investors Association, American Rental Property Owners and Landlords Association, the Real Estate Investors Funding Association, and the National Note Buyers Association. Together, these associations have chosen to create an environment where their members can both connect with one another, as well as learn from those with more experience. We are dedicating this community to local investors and all of the associations that support them on a national scale. We will represent the interests of over 40,000 members across all of our associations and will therefore be the best place to learn and grow with other, like minded investors.


Our Mission Statement

We are an alliance of associations supporting Real Estate Investors including both passive and active investing areas such as rehabbing, landlording, finance, notes and more. We specialize in education, representation and connecting our investors for better investment opportunities.


Our Vision

To be THE online community for the independent real estate investment industry. Our key focus areas will be networking,education, administration/governance, information/communication.


Core Purpose

To advance and protect the industry of real estate investing while helping real estate investors prosper and add value to their lives and their communities.


Core Values

We Believe

Real estate is the safest, surest way to financial security In the power of knowledge…and the importance of sharing it. In professional and ethical business practices that set standards of excellence That the result of professional, ethical real estate investing and management positively contribute to communities and the economy.