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Family Value$ tracks the Real Estate Investing Career of the Mother-Son investing team, Rebecca and Caleb McLean. Each week, they'll share a new story from actual REI experiences, as told from their own, unique perspectives from different ends of the investor spectrum. On the one end, Caleb will be sharing his perspective as a young, fresh investor. ...
A collection of useful articles for real estate investors found around the web. 
A blog of helpful, useful advice brought to you by  The American Rental Property Owners & Landlords Association (ARPOLA), a professional landlord association representing independent rental property owners and landlords of single family homes and small apartment complexes. We bring you the best services available at association pricing. Our ...
Blog about using Social Media for lead generation in the Real Estate industry. 
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Can you clarify what you believe to be the best option? Are you talking ACH (where you pull money from the resident's account) offered by your bank (many banks in our area do not offer this for small investors and those that do are rather expensive), or by a 3rd party? Or, are you talking about just allowing the tenant to send money to your bank account? Thanks
This is state dependent of course
Thanks for doing this!
The Kitchen & Bath Team at Home Depot #1851 in Belleville, IL were fantastic. They did a great job. Also Chiquita at the Pro desk helped immeasurably. We got 20% off on our Thomasville Kitchen Cabinets, 10% off on the counter top plus our 2% rebate. They even designed the kitchen and bathroom layouts at no additional charge. We even got the Allure flooring th...
Just like all the cruises before, THIS ONE WILL BE EPIC!

PLUS if you take notes and go to classes when at sea it can also be TAX DEDUCTIBLE!