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  • The 3 F’s!
    Are you excited for this coming 4th of July? Nothing is better than barbecuing corn, roast, hot links, and in some houses nopales (cactus). You can enjoy being by the pool side with family and friends playing games and being ridiculous.  As the night progresses and more alcohol is consumed the party gets more and more crazy. Then the grand finale! The ... more
  • Learning About Blogging & Social Media: What It's Taught Me
    What I have learned from the past year of blogging, and Social Media and the Success it has brought more
  • May Madness and June Boom!
    Check Out the Latest Ups and Downs from the Social Media Stock world. This may help you determine what Social Media Platform is on the rise through may into a June Boom, or may simply be a June Gloom candidate.  Facebook, and owners of Instagram is at a steady pace not looking to crash at any time. Facebook is still strong with marketing and slowly ... more

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